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WP Smart Links Review

WP Smart Links Review

WP Smart Links Review – Introduction

Are you aware that up to 60% of your Affiliate Commissions might be slipping through the cracks due to theft and ineffective links?

When you share your affiliate links in their raw form, cluttered with strange characters and numbers, many people hesitate to click on them, fearing they might lead to a scam. Even if your link appears legitimate, there’s still the risk of being flagged as spam, leading to removal or banning.

This is where link cloaking becomes essential. With numerous options flooding the market, selecting the right one can be daunting.

Enter WP Smart Links—a revolutionary link cloaker that stands out from the crowd. In this review, I’ll delve into why this tool is a game-changer for affiliate marketers.

WP Smart Links – Overview

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What Is WP Smart Links ?

WP Smart Links is an exceptional all-in-one link cloaker equipped with smart bridge technology, allowing effortless retargeting of customers and boosting sales. It also ensures the elimination of commission loss risks.


Let’s delve into the comprehensive features of WP Smart Links:

♠ Custom Domain Integration
Utilize your own domain for cloaked links, enhancing reliability and ease of recall for visitors, thereby potentially increasing click-through rates.

♠ User-Friendly WordPress Plugin
With a simple one-click installation, WP Smart Links seamlessly integrates into your WordPress site. No prior technical expertise is required, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

♠ Centralized Link Management
Effortlessly manage all your links from within the WP dashboard, eliminating the need for scattered text files or spreadsheets and saving valuable time.

♠ Rapid Link Customization
In the ever-changing landscape of affiliate programs, quickly update your links to redirect traffic to alternate destinations. Say goodbye to lost traffic and missed sales opportunities.

♠ Comprehensive Link Cloaking
Ensure complete link cloaking to the destination, preventing browser switches and safeguarding against affiliate theft, thereby protecting your commissions and sales.

♠ Spam Filter Evasion
By sending emails with links attached to your domains, mitigate the risk of being blacklisted as spam, resulting in increased views, clicks, and ultimately, sales.

♠ Social Media Blocking Prevention
Prevent your affiliate links from being banned or removed on social media platforms by leveraging smart bridge technology, facilitating unobstructed sharing.

♠ Pixel Placement on Any Affiliate Link
Utilize the revolutionary smart bridge technology to assign a pixel to any link, enabling pre-loading of the pixel before directing visitors to the destination. This allows for detailed tracking and analysis of traffic, empowering effective retargeting strategies such as Facebook ads.

These remarkable features of WP Smart Links set it apart, offering unparalleled capabilities not found in other link cloaking solutions.


How Does WP Smart Links Works?

Step 1: ADD LINK

Navigate to the right column and click on “Add Link”. Enter the name and paste the primary URL. Then, select “Grab OGP Data From Primary URL”.


WP Smart Links will automatically fetch and populate the link details.


Scrolling down, you’ll find the option to add a tracking pixel by pasting the code. This feature enables tracking of link clicks.



Click “Publish” to save your link. Easily manage all links in one dashboard, eliminating the hassle of searching for them.

You can share your new WP Smart Links on social media or use the Sub Tracking ID to monitor performance on Facebook and Twitter without creating separate links for each network.



Share your link on social networks or via email. Notice that your link is now unblocked on Facebook:


Additionally, access Sub Tracking ID reports to analyze WP Smart Links performance.


With its innovative features, WP Smart Links caters to:

– Affiliate Marketers
– Small or Local Businesses
– Freelancers
– Bloggers
– Professionals
– Newbies

And the list continues!

Pricing & Otos

The Front-End

WP Smart Links offers lifetime access for a one-time payment of just $27, which is an incredibly reasonable price considering the long-term benefits it provides. With this single investment, you can secure increased commissions for life, making it a highly cost-effective solution. However, this introductory price won’t last forever, so it’s essential to seize this opportunity without delay.


To further enhance your experience and maximize the benefits of WP Smart Links, consider these additional offers:

OTO 1: WP SmartLinks Add-On ($17)

This add-on provides advanced features such as link monitoring, auto-redirect smart links, and geo-targeting. Link monitoring ensures that broken links are automatically redirected, while auto-redirect smart links allow you to set specific times for link activation. Additionally, geo-targeting enables you to redirect visitors based on their location, making it ideal for country-specific offers.

OTO 2: WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin ($27)

This comprehensive plugin offers four powerful methods to boost profits on WordPress sites. It includes theme ads for seamless integration, an attention-grabbing ad bar, a pop-up messenger leveraging social conversation habits, and a pop-under feature for list-building purposes. With these tools, you can maximize revenue generation effortlessly.

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Given the information provided, I believe WP Smart Links offers an undeniable value proposition. If you’re considering whether to invest in this product, my answer would unequivocally be yes.

Rather than prolonging this review, I’ll express my gratitude for your time and attention. Thank you for considering my insights, and I trust that this review of WP Smart Links has been beneficial for you.