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VidHostPro Review

VidHostPro Review

VidHostPro is a best who do not like to use youtube, vimeo and other platform for hosting your videos. The best decision is that it is one time fee. I personally recommend you to use at least 6 months so that you can earn more and save time.

No risk of video delete or any kind of problem that you are facing from 3rd pary video hosting. This software is cloud base so that you can access anywhere anytime when you want. The price of this video hosting is very low if you are a online video uploader.

Even, you use You Tube I recommend you to buy VidHostPro so that you can personally control your own videos for your business and works. You do not need to buy storage or Physical Hard Drive.

There are 3 Products you can check in below to purchase now:

Check Out Here

VidHostPro Personal

VidHostPro Commercial

VidHostPro Bundle

VidHostPro Overview

Vendor: Todd Gross

Product: VidHostPro

Front-End Price: $37

Front-End Coupon: VID10

Bundle Deal Coupon: VIDHOSTPRO

Bonuses: Big BONUSES

Product Type: Video Hosting Solution

Support: Effective Response


Recommended: Highly Recommended

Skill Level Needed: All Levels


VidHostPro stands as a comprehensive video hosting and marketing platform crafted to empower businesses and marketers in efficiently hosting, managing, and promoting their videos.

In an era where Video Marketing is imperative, numerous business owners and marketers seek a reliable, secure, and cost-effective video hosting and marketing solution. However, conventional options present challenges.

Option 1 – Relying on YouTube: While it may be free, YouTube is designed to benefit the platform, not you or your customers. Your traffic is prone to leaks through disruptive ads and distractions from related video suggestions, driving viewers away.

2 – Utilizing Old School HTML Players: While these players may play videos, they lack optimization for video playtime speed. Slow-loading videos with delays can adversely impact the user experience, causing viewers to leave before even starting.

3 – Investing in Expensive Alternatives: Some alternatives come at a high monthly cost, yet offer no guarantee of absolute control over your videos to achieve desired results.

The consequences of such limitations are evident, with YouTube terminating videos and channels without notice, resulting in substantial business losses. Reports indicate that over 22.2 million YouTube videos and 6 million channels were removed in 2022-23.

The gravity of losing control over a significant income source due to the whims of a video hosting platform is a concern for entrepreneurs. Regrettably, many entrepreneurs abandon their business dreams within the first year due to various challenges.


Introducing VidHostPro, a solution designed to address these challenges and provide businesses with control, reliability, and a user-friendly experience for maximizing desired results.

Experience Effortless Video Publishing with VidHostPro in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Upload: Effortlessly upload one or multiple videos at once, allowing VidHostPro to optimize them for swift delivery on any browser, page, or device.

Step 2: Customize: Tailor the appearance and style of the player with just a few clicks, aligning it seamlessly with your brand or leveraging it for monetization purposes.

Step 3: Publish: Share your videos on any website or landing page, and witness a rapid surge in customer engagement, sales, and profits.

Say goodbye to monthly payments for costly hosting services. Bid farewell to concerns about sluggish speeds and the loss of valuable visitors. No need to stress about traffic leaks – you’re in full control. Leave behind worries about lacking technical or design skills. Forget about complicated and time-consuming processes. With just three simple steps, your videos are ready for publication within minutes. Grab it now. 

Enhanced Playlist Alignment:

Engage Audiences with Chapters:

Versatile Embedding Options:

Customizable Players for Maximum Impact:

Ultra-Light & Responsive Player:

Lightning-Fast Loading for Increased Sales:

Total Traffic Control – Zero Leakage:

Ad-Free Videos for Maximum Engagement:

SEO-Friendly Video Channels & Playlists:

Effortless Viral Sharing:

Embed Calls To Action:

High-Converting Templates and Easy Editing: