The Fast Tracks Review

Fast Tracks Review : Embarking on an online business venture is a coveted aspiration for many, driven by the allure of flexibility, autonomy, and lucrative prospects. However, for novices navigating this terrain without guidance, the journey from aspiration to fruition can be daunting. Where does one even begin?

Enter Merlin Holmes, a seasoned marketer with over 15 years of experience and a remarkable track record of generating over $150 million online. Recognizing the challenges faced by newcomers, Holmes has developed “The Fast Tracks” – a comprehensive training program offering a roadmap to establishing automated income streams through email marketing and affiliate promotions.

The Fast Tracks

This detailed review of The Fast Tracks aims to shed light on every facet of the course, including:

Merlin Holmes’ background and credentials as an instructor.
The content covered in the meticulously crafted video training modules.
An overview of the software tools, bonuses, and pre-designed assets provided.
Insights into the proven business model and unconventional traffic generation strategies unveiled.
Identification of the target audience and the requisite level of experience to derive maximum benefit.
Examination of the pricing packages available and considerations regarding costs.
An impartial assessment of the program’s strengths and weaknesses.
A final recommendation on whether the investment in The Fast Tracks is justified.


If you’re eager to expedite your journey to online success and harness Merlin’s tried-and-tested formulas, strategies, and swipe files, this comprehensive review will serve as your compass. Join us as we delve deep into The Fast Tracks to ascertain its efficacy in empowering beginners to realize their aspirations of earning income through affiliate marketing and email list building.

Table of Contents

The Fast Tracks Overview

Product: The Fast Tracks
Niche: AI Software
Recommendation : Highly Recommend!
Product Type Affiliate Marketing
Operating System : Web App
Bonus : Yes
Skill Level Needed : All Levels

What is the Fast Tracks program?

The Fast Tracks program comprises video training modules, templates, scripts, and software tools meticulously designed to shepherd students through the process of establishing an online business from inception to fruition. At its core, the methodology revolves around harnessing straightforward two-page websites and cost-effective traffic channels to swiftly cultivate email lists.

Once a subscriber base is established, The Fast Tracks equips participants with the know-how to monetize it by promoting affiliate offers through email automation. The overarching concept is to perpetually augment income over time through recurrent lead generation and promotional activities.

Key facets covered in the training encompass:

Techniques for conducting market research to pinpoint high-converting offers for promotion.
Crafting uncomplicated poll-style landing pages for efficient email capture.
Acquiring traffic from lesser-known advertising platforms at minimal expenses.
Implementing automated email follow-up sequences to capitalize on subscriber engagement.

The training endeavor endeavors to streamline the process of launching an online venture by furnishing pre-made assets and a proven blueprint to follow. The program asserts that even individuals with no prior experience can swiftly deploy these tactics to commence earning income.

The Fast Tracks program is accessible via a membership site, granting enrollees entry to the core 6-week training curriculum, software utilities, and an array of supplementary bonuses, encompassing templates, scripts, supplementary training sessions, advertising credits, and more.

Exploring The Fast Tracks Training Modules

Let’s delve into The Fast Tracks program to unveil the contents of its core training.
The curriculum is structured into 6 modules delivered through pre-recorded video sessions, comprising over 25 individual videos that meticulously guide participants through each facet of the business model. Each module is intricately designed to build upon the preceding one, culminating in a comprehensive journey from inception to execution.
Here’s a breakdown of the topics covered in each module:

Module 1 – Research

This initial module underscores the significance of conducting thorough research into lucrative markets and products before embarking on a business venture. Merlin introduces a specific market research framework aimed at identifying “winning” offers ideal for affiliate promotion.

Key themes include:

Discovering top-selling offers across various niches
Identifying crucial metrics such as gravity scores, EPCs, and conversions
Tracking high-volume keywords and leveraging Google Trends
Compiling market research data into a comprehensive spreadsheet

Module 2 – Site Setup

Module 2 elucidates the process of setting up your website to capture leads effectively. It encompasses:
Domain registration and hosting account setup
WordPress installation and recommended plugin integration
Importing the bespoke poll page template
Customizing the template with pertinent offer details
Merlin furnishes participants with the precise poll page template he has tailored for this business model, facilitating seamless integration into their respective websites.

Module 3 – Traffic

This pivotal module unveils Merlin’s coveted traffic sources for driving targeted visitors to your website at remarkably low costs, ranging from $0.15 to $0.30 per click. He asserts that these obscure networks offer traffic at a fraction of the cost compared to platforms like Facebook, Google, or native ads.
The session covers:
Account setup on each advertising platform
Funding ad accounts
Crafting and refining ad campaigns
Tracking conversions and assessing ROI
Merlin contends that these traffic sources serve as the “secret sauce” for the profitability of this business model.

Module 4 – Monetization

Module 4 delves into diverse monetization strategies aimed at actualizing revenue generation from your audience. This entails:
Integration of email marketing tools such as AWeber or GetResponse
Creation of segmented email lists derived from poll page submissions
Development of email funnels featuring promotions for affiliate offers
Automation of email follow-up campaigns
Channeling traffic back to affiliate offers through email channels
Merlin provides participants with pre-designed email templates and sequences tailored to optimize conversions.

Module 5 – Scaling

This module is dedicated to scaling up your endeavors to amplify income growth. Merlin unveils strategies such as:
Crafting additional poll pages and email funnels
Delegating tasks to assistants
Expanding traffic acquisition across diverse ad platforms
Continuous monitoring of conversions and profits
Reinvesting earnings back into the business
Additionally, he explores diversification into alternative monetization avenues beyond affiliate promotions, such as developing and vending proprietary products.

Module 6 – Advanced Strategies

The concluding module introduces advanced tactics to further enhance outcomes. Covered topics include:
Creation of customized landing pages within your website
Collaboration through joint venture partnerships
Formation of teams and outsourcing entire operations
Investment of earnings into high-yield opportunities
Liquidation of sites and assets for substantial financial gains
This supplementary module extends beyond the fundamental business model to encompass more intricate strategies for growth and optimization.

Included Software Tools & Bonuses

As part of The Fast Tracks Review, let’s explore the additional offerings bundled with the program.
Alongside the core 6-week training program, The Fast Tracks provides a plethora of bonuses and software tools to complement your learning experience.

Here’s a rundown of the key bonuses included:
Done-For-You Poll Page Templates – These drag-and-drop templates simplify the creation of lead capture pages as instructed in the course. Simply input your details. Valued at $2,497.
Email Marketing Templates – Gain access to pre-designed subject lines, email body copy, and sequences tailored for affiliate promotions. Valued at $797.
Titan of Traffic Course – Supplementary video training exclusively focused on acquiring cost-effective targeted traffic. Valued at $1,997.
Ad Credit Packs – Receive complimentary ad credits for traffic platforms to utilize in your campaigns. Valued at $4,000.
Commercial License – Obtain the rights to resell or repurpose the training material according to your preference. Valued at $25,000.
Software Tools – Access a suite of analytics, tracking programs, and automation tools essential for implementing what you learn.
These bonuses significantly augment the value of the core training program by providing ready-to-use assets and licenses for resale.
The ad credits and pre-designed templates alone could potentially save you thousands in initial setup costs. Furthermore, having access to Merlin’s swipe files for advertisements, emails, and sales copy is an invaluable resource.
Who Benefits Most from Fast Tracks Review?

Now that we’ve delved into the program’s content, let’s identify who stands to gain the most from The Fast Tracks. Who is the program tailored for, and what level of expertise is necessary to leverage its benefits effectively?
The Fast Tracks Review caters to a diverse audience, including:

Novice Entrants – The comprehensive, step-by-step instruction assumes no prior experience in online business or marketing. Beginners will find the thorough training and ready-to-use resources invaluable.
Seasoned Marketers – While beginner-friendly, experienced marketers can capitalize on Merlin’s unconventional tactics for acquiring inexpensive traffic and achieving high conversion rates. The training fills any knowledge gaps experienced marketers may have in optimizing email lists.
Employees or Retirees – Individuals seeking supplemental income in their spare time will find value in The Fast Tracks’ automated business model, enabling passive income generation.
Stay-at-Home Parents – The automated income streams taught by Merlin offer a self-sustaining solution for busy parents, requiring only minimal time commitment to maintain.
Small Business Owners – Entrepreneurs can integrate The Fast Tracks’ strategies to diversify income streams for their existing ventures, with the skills taught complementing various business models.
Affiliate Marketers – Those already engaged in affiliate marketing can elevate their earnings through Merlin’s insights into high-converting sales funnels and traffic generation techniques.
Coaches or Consultants – Individuals offering high-ticket coaching or consulting services can expand their audience through the lead generation methods covered in the program.
The overarching theme is that Fast Tracks Review accommodates individuals aiming to initiate or expand their online ventures focusing on email marketing and affiliate promotions. As the program does not necessitate the creation of proprietary products, prior experience in sales or copywriting is not obligatory.
The program’s automated structure appeals to both novices and seasoned marketers alike. Overall, The Fast Tracks is most beneficial for beginner to intermediate level online marketers seeking accelerated results through proven methodologies.
Pros and Cons of Fast Tracks Review Program

Now, let’s evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of The Fast Tracks program based on its core training and bonuses:


Step-by-Step Training: The program offers comprehensive guidance from start to finish, making it ideal for beginners who prefer a guided approach.
Done-For-You Templates: Access to pre-made poll page templates, email swipe files, and graphics saves significant time and effort, streamlining the process.
Generates Hands-Off Income: Once set up, the email and traffic automation operate passively, requiring minimal ongoing maintenance for continuous income.
Affordable Traffic Sources: Learning Merlin’s unconventional traffic platforms provides a competitive edge in acquiring conversions cost-effectively, a key factor in the model’s success.
Membership Site Access: Lifetime access to training videos, tools, and community support ensures flexibility and ongoing learning opportunities at your own pace.


Requires Execution: Success depends on consistent action and thorough implementation of each step, meaning it’s not a quick fix but rather a process requiring commitment.
Some Paid Ads Required: Scaling growth may necessitate spending on paid ads, although the low costs per click help mitigate this. However, it’s not entirely reliant on free traffic.
Learning Curve: Adequate time should be allocated to properly go through the training and set up the first site. Results require dedication and persistence.
Not an Overnight Success Method: While initial income can be earned relatively quickly, achieving significant daily earnings or a full-time income requires months of consistent effort, emphasizing the need for patience.
The pricing and packages available for Fast Tracks Review are as follows:

Basic Package: $997 one-time fee
3 Payments Plan: 3 installments of $397 each
VIP Upgrade: $3,000 (includes coaching call)
Considering the comprehensive training, bonus assets, and automation tools included, the entry-level price of $997 offers substantial value.
The 3-payment plan makes the program accessible to a wider audience by spreading the cost over three months.
The VIP upgrade, priced at $3,000, provides direct access to Merlin for personalized coaching, offering additional value for those seeking higher-level guidance.
All purchases are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing a risk-free opportunity to test the program.
Overall, the pricing is reasonable given the extensive resources provided, and the potential for profit makes the investment worthwhile.

Pros and Cons of Merlin Holmes as an Instructor

Assessing the effectiveness of Merlin Holmes as an instructor is crucial alongside evaluating the program itself. Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses:


Extensive Experience: With over 15 years of online business expertise, Merlin brings credibility and practical insights that few instructors possess.
Clear Communication Style: Merlin adeptly simplifies complex concepts into easily understandable language, making the learning process smoother.
Relatable Approach: Using stories and examples rather than dry theory, Merlin engages students effectively, enhancing retention and understanding.
Responsive Support: Active community forums and prompt email support ensure that students’ queries are addressed swiftly, fostering a supportive learning environment.


Somewhat Dated Look: While the program’s functionality is robust, the sales page and site design may appear slightly outdated, although this does not affect its effectiveness.
Heavily Promotional: Some promotional materials may come across as overly hyped, but the actual training content is solid and practical.
Limited Direct Contact: Aside from the VIP upgrade, direct interaction with Merlin is minimal, primarily through community forums and support desks.
Not Focused on Technical Aspects: The program prioritizes fundamentals and strategy over technical skills like coding or web development, which may not meet the needs of those seeking in-depth technical training.

Despite minor drawbacks, Merlin’s extensive track record in email marketing and affiliate promotions makes him an excellent instructor for such topics. His communication style effectively simplifies complex processes, facilitating successful learning.

Final Review – Is The Fast Tracks Review Worth Buying?

After examining Fast Tracks Review in detail, including its content, target audience, pricing, and pros and cons, the question remains: Should you invest in The Fast Tracks?

In my assessment, The Fast Tracks by Merlin Holmes is indeed worth purchasing for individuals serious about establishing or expanding an online affiliate marketing business centered on lead generation and email marketing.

Here’s why:

Proven Business Model: The program is built on a proven business model, backed by Merlin’s own results and student testimonials, providing assurance of its effectiveness.
Shortcuts the Learning Curve: By offering done-for-you assets and swipe files, The Fast Tracks accelerates the learning process, saving time and effort typically required for trial and error.
Cost-Effective Traffic Strategies: Merlin’s unconventional traffic platforms offer a competitive edge in acquiring conversions affordably, enhancing profitability.
Automates Passive Income: The automation features enable passive income generation over time, allowing for scalability and financial freedom.
30-Day Guarantee: The risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee provides an opportunity for individuals to try the program without financial risk.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive blueprint for initiating online earnings, particularly suitable for part-time implementation alongside existing commitments, The Fast Tracks offers all the essential components.

The step-by-step training, accompanied by software tools, swipe files, and vendor support, ensures access to all necessary resources for the business model to succeed. Additionally, scaling and outsourcing options facilitate income growth beyond individual efforts.

For individuals interested in an affordable, beginner-friendly program for achieving results with email and affiliate marketing, The Fast Tracks emerges as a highly recommended choice, offering substantial value.

Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started with Fast Tracks Review
For newcomers to online business and marketing, navigating The Fast Tracks program may initially seem overwhelming. However, by following this beginner’s guide, you can systematically progress through the training to establish a strong foundation.

Here are the key steps to focus on as a total beginner:

Watch Each Video Lesson in Order: Proceed through each video lesson sequentially, avoiding skipping around. Taking notes on core concepts enhances retention and understanding.

Follow Along and Setup Your Own Site: Actively participate in setting up your website as guided in the videos, rather than passively watching. This hands-on approach reduces intimidation and fosters better comprehension.

Use the Done-For-You Assets: Maximize the benefits of provided poll page templates, graphics, and email swipe files. Avoid starting from scratch, and instead, leverage professionally designed templates proven to convert.

Study the Detailed Case Studies: Pay close attention to the case studies provided by Merlin, as they offer concrete examples and insights into successful campaigns. Deconstructing these examples aids in modeling effective strategies.

Use the Recommended Services & Tools: Initially, utilize the recommended hosting providers, email services, and tracking tools as suggested by Merlin. While you gain experience, you can explore other options, but begin with proven tools.

Follow the Traffic and Scaling Strategies: Even if you don’t intend to build a large-scale business initially, don’t overlook the traffic and scaling training. The strategies outlined are invaluable for optimizing conversions and achieving growth.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed: Understand that mastering the program’s content takes time, and it’s okay to progress gradually. Start by implementing a few campaigns consistently, and expand gradually as you gain confidence and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast Tracks Review

What results can I realistically expect from Fast Tracks Review?
Results vary based on individual effort and dedication. Within the first few months, setting up profitable funnels, generating leads, and earning around $500 per month is feasible. Within 6-12 months, earning $2,500+ per month is achievable with consistent application of the training.

Do I need any technical skills or online experience?
No prior experience is necessary as the program covers everything from the basics. Technical skills beyond basic computer and internet proficiency are not required, thanks to the provided templates and assets.

How much time per day/week is needed?
Starting with 5-10 hours per week is sufficient to implement the training effectively. More time invested yields faster growth, but the automated nature of the model allows for passive income generation once set up.

Are there hidden costs or ongoing fees?
There are no hidden fees apart from the one-time program cost. Basic necessities like domain, hosting, and email services are required but are affordable and standard in the industry. Optional paid advertising is necessary for scaling, but the budget remains within your control.

Is there live coaching or interaction with Merlin?
Apart from the VIP upgrade with a coaching call, the training is self-paced through pre-recorded video lessons. However, Merlin and his team actively engage in community forums and provide prompt support.

How does the guarantee work if I want a refund?
You have 30 days from purchase to request a full refund for any reason. Simply email their support, and refunds are typically processed within 1 business day, allowing you to maintain access during the trial period.

What are the payment options available?
You can pay the full cost upfront via credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, a 3-installment plan is available, splitting the payments over three months. No financing options are offered currently.