Remember Goliad

By Luke Neftali Villafranca The wind is subtle. I imagine her whisper as I stand alone in Goliad Plaza. I remember the press of her hand against my chest after we danced. We trusted each other a little more each second as people watched her spin again and again to a Tejano song whose name I … Continue reading

Lake Tahoe

By Kimber Annie Lake Tahoe, oh my gosh, I love Lake Tahoe! Feels like a forever ago I would ski on the water and ski on the snow . . . then just go home.    Home was right down the road, right down Mt. Rose highway. Home was the Biggest Little City in the World, and … Continue reading

Waiting for the Coming Storm

By David Prather There will be some pain.For me, a demon in the lower spine,a jab and a pinch, the body’s prophecy. My grandmother has needles in her hands,and I’m not surprised.Most of her life has been scissors and thread. There will be a change in the light,a body rushing between … Continue reading

a cynic is a man

By David Matthews David E. Matthews lives in the Hill Country of Texas. After extensive introspection, it has become clear to him that human intelligence is vastly overestimated and that communication in this era of social media & Trump is breaking down under the stress. Whether … Continue reading