We are San Antonio’s international literary journal.

We often hear that San Antonio is a “city on the rise.” In truth, as the seventh largest city in the nation, and one already reflecting the demographic shift the rest of the country will experience in the coming years, San Antonio is already a world-class city. The diversity of its community puts it on par with the first six metropolitan areas by population. Beyond its diversity, San Antonio is home to world-renowned cultural and educational institutions.

Nonetheless, it’s important we not miss the importance of the letters and art that influence the city and emanate from it. The arts — letters not least among them — are integral to any city.

Thus, by launching the San Antonio Review, we aim to provide readers with a critical, trusted resource for cultural criticism, reviews of cultural events, poetry, fiction and other items as we see fit for sharing with the wider public.

Indeed, it is our intention that the words and art published in these pages reach an audience far beyond the borders of San Antonio—beyond even Texas. We are San Antonio’s international literary journal.

As stated above, our publishing mandate is wide. We will accept submissions from all authors — published and unpublished —located anywhere in the world in a variety of forms: letters, notes, poems, fiction and nonfiction stories, reviews of books and other arts and more. We encourage you to read publications like The New York Review of Books, the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Boston Review and others to get a feel for the type of works we are seeking.

We are, sadly, unable to financially compensate writers for their work. We hope to be able to do so soon. As writers ourselves, we understand the importance of being paid for one’s work. It is our goal to live up to our ideals as soon as possible.

Print issues are published when we collect enough work to justify printing (about once a year, usually). Prior to publication, most works appear online here. Rarely an online-only piece is published here as well.

To learn how to contribute, visit our Submissions page. And be sure to grab some San Antonio Review gear.

We look forward to reading your submissions.


William O. Pate II
Publisher and Editor
San Antonio Review