Light Spectrum

“I was talking in mystic chord”

By Carter Vance

I was talking in mystic chord
memory, in chime and pulling through
the light of all things

Across, across the battered bookkeeping
dollar sense of where we left to
stream beyond, looking up to stark

Shimmering blackness, whole points
of galactic time swallowed in
blinking pace before us.

When you take the raw end of things,
clasping and human against the bloody
edge of time, it gleams weary

Of all worked through sentiments,
the reduction to a firm figure
that brokers no wonder, no fancy flight,

It’s not me you toss to wolves,
to sharpened teeth, matted fur;

Only the sense-memory,
of being there before.

Carter Vance is a writer and poet originally from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario. His work has appeared in such publications as The Smart Set, Contemporary Verse 2 and A Midwestern Review, amongst others. He was previously a Harrison Middleton University Ideas Fellow. His debut collection of poems, Songs About Girls, is currently available from Urban Farmhouse Press.                           

Image: “Firehole Canyon,” Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 2003, 20×16, acrylic on canvas, Brianna Keeper