Issue 2 Poetry

A Teacher’s Hope: Being Remembered

by David A. Grenardo

How do you want to be remembered by your students? And, more importantly, when?

For your awards or accolades and only at the end?

In some big ceremony, retirement, or a funeral attended by many,

Which of those ways do I want to be remembered by my students? Not any.

I want to be remembered during certain times by those whose lives I’ve touched;

I want my students to remember me and to understand I’ve loved them so much.

When a former student is sad, I want him to remember a joke I told him and laugh;

When a former student is weak, she remembers my words or deeds and her problem she attacks;

When a former student is treated badly, I want him to treat others with dignity and respect;

When a former student has the chance to be a hero, I want her to do what I expect;

And when a former student feels alone, I want him to ask for peace,

Because God is always with us, the greatest and the least.

I want to be remembered in ways that empower the students I’ve known,

For that means I truly helped them and through my teaching they have grown.


David A. Grenardo is a tenured professor of law at the St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio.

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