Audrey in Confession

By Patrick T. Reardon Bless me, Father.  I can’t conceive.I am barren as gum-spotted sidewalk cement. Forlorn in my failure to transubstantiate cells. Wombed guilty in my shadow-shivering,wombed empty, unquickened,wombed naked in the gold and flame sanctuary,wombed at the stake in … Continue reading

I'm Full of Ashes

By Edward Vidaurre I sit in my carinsert key in ignition turn it and feel the blastof hot air, then warm, then cool little crystals fly around meweightless ash planets swirl the radio plays a commercialit’s the same voice actor he’s selling pizza, then he’s sellingvitamins… … Continue reading
"Scoville Tree," 2004, 26" x 12", acrylic on canvas, Brianna Keeper

Santa Always Blows His Cover

By Alex Z. Salinas It was Christmas 1995 when Mom burnt the bacon and Dad was just getting home. I tore open the packaging to the Mortal Kombat-brand plastic ship and Ray pulled a puppy out of a box. “Ruby!” he announced, holding up the furry dog he’d dreamt of since … Continue reading


By Brigid Hannon I never had an abortion butone morning I needed Plan B.I asked the pharmacist in hushed tones buthe stared back loudly andlooked me up and down.I felt examine and exposed as heslid the box across the cool counter with his cool eyesthat judged a woman he had never met.I shook … Continue reading

A Team of Mules

By Gregory Stephens My grandad’s father John Speed Stephens Jr. was the son of an Irish immigrant, and as a fourteen-year-old, he became the pioneer who planted the Stephens in Indian territory, pre-Oklahoma. This is his story, passed on by my father, born in Palmer, Oklahoma. Many of the … Continue reading